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    Robert Larkin

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    I realized eventually I could reply to these things, but it took longer still until I noticed I had not replied to yours, the first in here. What a doof; no wonder Olio just closed. Thanks, M.


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    Reply from MoodIndigo1:

    Robert, I'm so sorry I never got around to posting lately. VALIS has been dying slowly, and all I've been doing about it is to feel guilty. Olio was a very good board, you had a great team. Like all dreams, reality may have fallen a bit short of your expectations.

    I enjoyed our brief times together, and I'll miss you and Muthaiga, among others. Please keep in touch, I'd like that. Let me know how you're doing. The email I use now is moodin[email protected]

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    Robert Larkin

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    0 friends? I like you. When you were 'migrated' did they also migrate VALIS' appearance or did you have to configure it yourself? We just got 'within the week' notice from them and I'm wondering if I need to scramble to learn a new design system. Glad both boards are still alive and frankly after seeing VALIS looking nice I was no longer terribly concerned about moving. Now I'm fretting again since they didn't bother discussing precisely what would move. We could do those things so much better than they can; pity they don't ask us to run things ...



    Reply from MoodIndigo1:

    Hi, Robert,
    Thanks for being my first friend. :) I was a bit surprised to see VALIS transferred all of a sudden, without notice.
    I was away for a few days, a family gathering, so I didn't see your message until now.
    Happy New Year to you and those you love.
    Speak to you soon--- once I'm over this bout of gastro.

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